Friday, September 14, 2012

The Patio Predicament

When we first moved to this house Luke and I liked our covered patio.  It didn't matter that it had an ugly cinder block seating wall or leaking roof, it had potential.
One of our first projects was to remove the seating wall on two sides so we would use the cinder blocks to wall off our cellar access.
For the past year the patio has been used primarily for storage.  With all the building materials stored in there it was hard to find room for patio furniture
 Ever since we started our exterior work I have been making plans and materials lists for the patio.  It was going to get new polycarbonate roofing, a sturdy header and new 4x4 posts.  Then we started replacing the windows and discovered just how poorly the patio was constructed.  For unknown reasons the builders did not attach it to the house using a ledger board.  Instead they cut holes in the siding and buffalo board and stuck the butt ends of the 2x6 roof joists into the walls.
But they did not properly support or attach the butt ends to any of the house framing.  The patio roof is essentially hanging from the siding and buffalo board.  
After discussing our options we decided to roof had to go.  It was better to have no roof at all than have one that could collapse at any time.  We had to get creative to find places for all the building materials we had stored in there but at last we got it cleaned out.

I didn't get any photos of the actual removal.  Luke took a chainsaw to the roof and we removed one section at a time and loaded it all into the truck.

I miss having a covered patio, but I still think removing the roof was the right decision. The back yard seems a lot bigger without it and I'm sure we'll be able to make the open patio look pretty nice as well.

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Rachel@hammeringourwayhome said...

Good luck with this! We ripped off the kitchen on our house (was a shoddy addition a previous owner added), and plan to use it as a covered porch. We have to actually poor a foundation first though..then repair the roof. Kinda concerned with cost myself, as it always seems to mount so quickly!