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Front Porch Makeover

Our new siding may have made a huge difference in how the house looks but it doesn't make up for the awkward way the driveway meets the house. The way the driveway leads directly up to the bedroom window makes it pretty obvious this room started out as a garage. The concrete front step could be repainted or even tiled, but that would not disguise the converted garage space.Our solution was to lay decking over the existing step and extending to the end of the house, resulting in a 23'x5.5' front porch. When we expanded our foyerand replaced the front door we also raised the door 1.5” to leave room for the new decking. Luke did all the framing and attached the ledger board to the house, while I worked on pulling screws out of our used deck. In April I found an ad for some used cedar decking on Craigslist. For $50 I got the remnants of a 24'x16' deck. The wood was stained a redwood color and looking a little worse for wear, but the boards were still straight and wi…

Chimney Makeover - The Reveal

It's been a long time since I posted anything about the chimney work. September 24th was the last day of putting up slate, but all the finish work was put on hold while we replaced the siding, and painted, and built the front porch... On Halloween we scrubbed the chimney with muratic acid and wire brushes. Once the slate was deemed sufficiently clean we sealed with the same wet-look sealer we used in the foyer and on the fireplace. I love how the sealer brings out all the colors in the slate. Since it's been so long since we began here is a reminder of what we started with:
Front Before
 Front After
Side Before

Side after
Close up
Refacing the chimney was a huge project. I didn't fully understand just how much work this was going to entail (200+ hours). But I think our investment of $850 in materials has paid off. Sorry that there are no photos showing the entire front of the house. I am saving those for when the front porch is finished. It's just about done, so…