Our Second House

Our second home was a classic mid century ranch that we purchased in 2008.  The house was built in 1949 and was well constructed but was suffering the effects of neglect and shoddy remodeling. We spent three years giving it a complete remodel then sold it to move back to Montana.

Front of House  Before
Front of House After
Front Porch Before
 Front Porch After
"Garage" Before
Garage After
Foyer Before
Foyer After
 Fireplace Before
Fireplace After
  Front Bedroom Before
Front Bedroom After
Back Bedroom Before
 Back Bedroom After
Main Bathroom Before
Main Bathroom After
Dining Room Before
Dining Room After
 Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
 Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Laundry Room Before
Laundry Room After
 Master Bathroom Before
 Master Bathroom After
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After