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The End of Demo

Labor day certainly lived up to its name this year.  Luke and I arranged for a four day weekend to finish gutting the upstairs.  We spent the first two days working on the floors.  The subfloor is 5/8" ply overlaid with glued-down particle board. The particle board does not work with hardwood floors or our radiant heat system so we pulled it all up in 2' sections. This left a lot of glue on the floors so we'll have to rent a floor sander to clean it all up before installing the hardwood flooring.  But the floors were a cakewalk compared to our other project. Our attic was insulated with shredded wood that had a low r value and was not safe for contact with can lights.  After much debate we decided the best way to remove the insulation was to cut out the drywall down the middle of the house and rake it out through the hole.  This was the messiest project we've ever done. Twelve hours and seventy trash bags later we removed the last of the sawdust.  I have to finish th…

Two Years In

It’s been two years since I walked into our house for the first time.It was Labor Day weekend and we were scheduled to close on the house in an hour.I had never been in the house until closing day.Homes in our price range were selling quickly and I was living 70 miles when Luke found a newly-listed ranch house.He looked at it during his lunch hour the following day and put in an offer immediately.The house had been on the market for 48 hours when our offer was accepted.It was not the only offer; it wasn’t even the only full price offer so I think we made the right choice in such a quick decision.I had some pictures of the house, but I didn’t actually see it in person until closing day five weeks later.When I walked in the door for the first time it was a crowded and ugly as I had expected from the pictures.
The rooms were small and boxy, the finishing materials were cheap and the whole house was dirty and dated.I had been prepared to hate the house and I was not disappointed.But two y…