Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exterior Painting Is Done!

Our house is no longer the neighborhood eyesore.  The painting is done!  My dad drove down on Thursday night to help me finish the prep work and get the painting done.  Having an extra pair of hands made a huge difference; it never would have been ready this weekend without him.

The before photos are from when we moved in last year.  They really show how far we have come in the last 13 months.  A year ago the house looked like this.

Saturday Morning
 Sunday Night
The side has seen some major changes since I took this picture.
We removed the porch, widened the driveway, got rid of the side door and fixed the peeling paint.
 The back was a mess in the old days
 Not done yet, but looking a lot better
 I still have some stonework to do on the front of the house and the front porch needs some attention.  I've arranged to take some time off next week so I can finish the exterior before the snow flies.

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Jayne said...

Your house looks great!