Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Last of the Windows

This week saw another completed project; we replaced the last few windows.  The short, wide bedroom windows really date the house. You can see our boarded-up bedroom window on the left.  The plywood was a temporary measure.  A year is temporary right?
Since our bedroom is already painted black and blue having half the window boarded up means it's always dark in here.
We needed to change the framing to accommodate our new, larger window.  Since we want to replace our insulation we just tore down the sheetrock to access the framing.  The new window is larger and lets in three times as much natural light.  Getting rid of the black and blue walls also helped the lighting situation.
The other window in the front of the house opens into our future master bathroom.  The current window is much too wide for the bathroom and extends into the future shower area.  I happened to spot this frosted window on clearance at Lowes for $20 and snapped it up for the bathroom. 
The last window to be replaced was in Luke's office.
 Like the master bedroom we had to change the framing to accommodate the larger window.  Adios sheetrock.
Having the windows finished means that Luke is almost finished working on the house for a while.  We still have one project to take care of this weekend then he has to focus on finishing his thesis.  I'll be posting details about our big demo project later.  Hint: It all came tumbling down

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