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One Week in the Family Room

One week ago the family room was bare studs
A mere seven days later the walls are finished and the carpet is installed.
While the carpet installers were working downstairs I took care of a few projects in the kitchen.  The chandelier is finally installed.
And the backsplash is mostly grouted.  I ran out with about 3 sq ft to go and even though Ace carries my brand of grout they only carry three colors so I'll have to wait for Luke to bring some from HD.
We'll be working on both the kitchen and the family room this weekend.  I don't know if we'll get the family room done but I am really hoping to have the kitchen finished by Monday.

Family Room Progress

It's been a busy few days in the basement.  On Friday Luke insulated, put up vapor barrier and had most of the ceiling hung before I got home from work. With carpet installation scheduled for Thursday there wasn't anytime to waste.  We've got two coats done already so I just need to put on a light third coat, sand, texture, primer and paint before Thursday morning. You can see we also put up the cement board for the fireplace.  I won't have time to lay the tile before the carpet is installed but we've made so much progress I can't complain.

Curb Appeal

There's no doubt that our house looks much better than when we bought it.
We've painted, added slate veneer and built a porch  But the house still needs curb appeal.  We're doing the best we can to get the lawn going but while we wait to see how much of it survived from last year I need to work on other projects.  Right now the biggest eyesore in the front is this area under the front window.  In this moving-day photo you can see that this little space was a patch of grass with a scraggly juniper bush.
I managed to remove most of the grass and the juniper bush last summer but for the last year or so this area has been my spot for cleaning out construction buckets and washing my tile saw.  It could use a little attention. Speaking of needing attention, take a look at the porch.  When I built it last fall I used Thompsons water seal because I did not want to darken the cedar.  Huge mistake.  The finish it left on the boards actually collects dirt and makes everything look o…

The Last Room in the House - The Family Room

We still have some work to do in the kitchen but carpet installation is on Thursday so I need get started on the family/media room.  So here's the story with the family room: When we bought the house in 2011 the cellar could only be accessed through a set of exterior stairs.  The door on the right hand side of the photo led to those stairs Because of all the mold and water damage we stripped the basement down to its block walls and concrete floor.  Then we added an interior staircase and framed the walls.  The cellar also contained a partial bathroom (toilet and shower only) shown in the left corner We gutted and rebuilt the bathroom and added a laundry room. The future media room is in the middle of the basement, sandwiched between the stairs and the laundry and bathroom.  We framed the east wall with an alcove between two doors. Luke framed the alcove for a gas fireplace with shelves on either side and space for our tv on top. This weekend we'll be hanging drywall and kno…

The Back Deck

For six months the only door into our house was the front door.  Then in April we finally gutted the kitchen and installed a patio door into the back yard.

This setup worked fine for everyone except for my lab mix.  She's just too old and arthritic for the steep stairs.  But after several months of snow and rain the weather has finally turned nice and we can get to work on the deck.  Luke and my dad built the main part of the deck while I was working on the kitchen.

Because the deck leads down to both the sidewalk and the patio we needed two separate sets of steps.  We wanted the deck to seem very connected to the whole yard so we decided to elongate the steps and wrap them around two sides of the deck. Now that we finally have a break from the rain I can get a better picture of how the backyard living space really flows together. We still need to stain the patio, trim out the doors and take care of a few small details but the back is just about finished.

It Finally Looks Like A Kitchen

Don't expect much from my posts over the next few days.  I'm sick which is not only keeping me from working the house but also put a damper on my posting.  So here's a quick recap of progress in the last two weeks: Luke, my dad and brother built a deck.  It's awesome.  More on that later. They also built a guard rail for the stairs  We assembled and installed kitchen cabinets. And I built counters Plywood base Durock Granite Tile And I even tiled the backsplash Then I got really sick and ended up going to urgent care for bronchitis.  I'm on the road to recovery, but progress on the kitchen has come to a grinding halt.  I'm supposed to rest for a few more days but this weekend I should be able to start on the house again.