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Foyer Finished

I picked up some slate tiles at a moving sale last summer and have been saving them for this project. Because the foyer is small I opted for a simple subway pattern. My space was 5'4" wide and this layout allowed me to avoid having thin slivers of tile on either side.  The final touches included replacing the foyer door and installing trim. When all was finished we went from this to this
We only added 8 sq ft but it makes a huge difference, especially when wrestling a sleeper sofa in from its exile to the carport.
Now that winter is over we finally have a place to for our coats and boots; better late than never.
We're in the very final stages of finishing the living room, dining room and kitchen. I mean we're actually to the touching up paint stage. Our biggest holdup is waiting for a mounting bracket for the microwave. Finished photos coming soon.