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Kitchen Finished

Progress on the kitchen has been slow.  We've been busy with work, travel and the holidays, but mostly we've just been lazy and the kitchen hasn't been a priority.  Now that the house has heat the pressure to get the job done is off.  But we did manage to finish the kitchen which means we're cooking and actually inviting people over for dinner.

Before - Even if you look past the 70's finish materials the kitchen was too small at 8x'9'. After- Stealing space from the bathroom and adding a cantilevered addition nearly doubled the square footage. Before - The wall between the kitchen and living room made the kitchen feel isolated from the rest of the house. After - The new open floor plan makes all the rooms seem larger and has made the kitchen the hub of the house. Before - The "dining room" was an awkward space between the living room and patio doors. After - Moving the stairwell freed up space for a table without blocking the basement stairs.  No…

Sneak Peek at the Kitchen

So close to having this thing done