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Our Third House

Our 3rd house was purchased when we moved back to Montana for Luke to attend grad school.  Like our first two homes it needed a lot of work.  It was in such poor condition that the neighbors were contemplating buying it just to demo the house and increase the size of their yard.

Entrance Before

 Entrance After
 Living Room Before
Living Room After
The living room felt isolated from the rest of the house.  The screen leading to the hallway was once a doorway. 
After - We reopened the door to the hallway which really improved the traffic flow
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After - The range is in the same place, everything else changed.
Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After

  After - The end of the guest room became the master bathroom

Office Before
Office After

Pee Room - Not named for the pea green walls.  We found out from the neighbors that the previous owners did not allow their dogs inside.  The kids were the ones who ruined on the carpet.

Disco room - This eventually became the master bath and a guest room.

 The main floor bathroom was wider than usual because of the 66" bathtub.

 After - We gutted and rebuilt the room at 60" wide.  The extra space in adjacent hallway made a huge difference.
  The cellar could only be accessed from outside so it was not included as square footage when we purchased the house. The cellar was only accessible through the exterior stairs to the right.

 After - Added stairs and built a family room.  With this space now being counted as part of the house and having corrected the upstairs measurements the house is now 1868 sq ft.
 The cellar bathroom packed a whole lot of gross into a small space.
 After - We stripped everything down to bare concrete and started fresh.
Before - The back corner of the basement was wasted space.
After - We converted the back corner of the basement into a laundry room
 The back yard had a 12'x20' covered patio that was never used because there was no convenient access.  When we remodeled the kitchen we replaced the window with patio doors and added a small deck leading to the patio.
After - Poor construction and structural damage caused us to remove the roof and have an open patio instead.
  The garage had a flat roof that was in rough shape.  You could see daylight through the ceiling.  The neighbors were taking bets on when it would collapse.
 Garage Interior - The center beam lacked proper supports.  It had sagged by over 2".

I had hoped to stay in this house but Luke finished his master's degree and took a job 60 miles away.  After six months of commuting we sold the house and started on a new one.

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We sold our house last week.  This may come as a surprise since the house wasn't even for sale. We weren't planning to move.  Everything in the house was designed with the idea that we would be living here for years.  But sometimes God makes it abundantly clear that He has other plans.  In the course of just a few days Luke was offered a chance to move to his company branch in my hometown and we met a family looking for a house in our neighborhood.  And now our house is under contract.
Closing is scheduled for mid-July so I will have a little time to recover from having the baby, but until she arrives I've been packing up all our non-essentials.  We have already started looking for our next home; maybe it will be a home we get to enjoy for decades.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Front of House Facelift

It's been over a year since I posted. There are a couple of reasons for that.  1) We can't get internet service to our house. We use our phones as hotspots but loading photos is very slow. 2) Having a small child prevents us from getting much done.
However, I am happy to report that we have actually accomplished something this summer. I've been working hard and I'll post more about our other projects later (maybe much later), but for now I'll share the face lift we gave the prow front of the house.
The siding was in very poor shape from years of sprinkler damage.  We also had a large hole in the wall from where the old air conditioner was installed.  Throw in some drafty old windows and the whole thing needed an overhaul. In process - Replacing the original windows from 1981. We replaced the siding on the lower half of the walls with LP shingles and put new trim around the windows.
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No More 50's Front Porch

I am so close to having the front of the house finished, but the porch still needs some attention.  Several weeks ago Luke removed the railing from around the porch.  We don't like how much it sticks out into the sidewalk so we won't be reusing it. My dad is going to rework it into a railing for an egress window at his home so it's not going to waste. The ugly outdoor carpet will not come clean but at least it distracts the eye from the big crack in the concrete. After seriously considering my options I decided to lay cedar decking over the concrete steps. First I put down redwood sleeper strips over the concrete.  This will keep the decking from making direct contact with the concrete and prolong its lifespan.
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