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Walls up

It's been over a month since I posted any photos.  It's not just burnout or spending way too many hours at my day job.  It's that we are at the slow and tedious part of the remodel.  The last month has been spent running wiring, grinding glue off the floors, hanging drywall and insulating the attic.  We still don't have a heating system, but having the attic and walls insulated makes enough of a difference that our little milkhouse heaters can keep it comfortable.  Having moved most of our interior walls created a lot of extra corners to tape. Our current project is to tape all the drywall.  The walls aren't too difficult because most of the drywall is new, but patching the holes in the ceiling is a slow and messy process.  I took a week off from work to get the taping, texturing and painting done.  Hopefully I'll have some good progress to show for my nine days off.