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We Have A "New" Home

Despite the disappointment of our house-hunting trip to Butte we did find something of interest. Listed at $69,900 this house was out of our price range but our realtor figured that the bank would be willing to take less. After all, the plumbing had frozen and needed to be completely replaced. After much back and forth with Fannie Mae we finally came to an agreement. We will be closing next week. I know it seems fast but they insist on a seven day closing for cash purchases. So welcome to our new home (I apologize for the lousy photos. It was overcast and the lights were off.)

View from the street
Side view

Two car garage
Living room
Dining Room
Laundry location in dining room/kitchen
Kitchen/Dining Room
Main floor bathroom
Older hallway - Bathroom on the left
Northeast bedroom - Can anyone recommend a good primer to cover black paint?
Southeast Bedroom

Newer hallway to addition
Southwest bedroom
Northwest bedroom - This will eventually be the master bedroom
The house is filthy. The kitc…