Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Snail's Pace

While Luke was fixing the truck's brakes and working on his thesis, I spent the weekend working on the stone veneer for the front of the house.  A large portion of Saturday was spent running errands, cutting tile and prepping for the veneer installation.  By the time I finally got started putting on the slate it was evening and I only got a few rows started before calling it a night.
 I put in a few more hours on Sunday in between phone calls with my family and was able to install several more rows.

 It seems like this work is going at a snail's pace but this time I am only doing 60 sq ft instead of 200 sq ft and don't have to use any scaffolding so working alone isn't really so bad.  I have arranged some time off work next week to try to finish the exterior work.  Unfortunately the beautiful weather we enjoyed all weekend is going to be replaced but cool rainy days.  I might just have to work late tomorrow and Tuesday to get it finished in time.


The Code is the Code! said...


What are the 2 PVC's for coming out the front?


Britten said...

Those are the intake and exhaust pipes for the tankless water heater. I will be installing a grille to cover those once the stone work is finished.