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New Floors

Did you notice our horrible floors when I posted the pictures of our back bedrooms?  The floors in this part of the house are 5/8" ply with 5/8" particle board on top.  The particle board is not structural and has been badly damaged by water and the PO's kids.  We will be removing the particle board, but the 5/8" plywood is too thin for subfloor and actually deflects a little under Luke's weight.  In order to strengthen the floor and help these rooms blend with the original part of the house we will be installing 3/4" oak floors. We bought the flooring this spring from a 40's house in Missoula that was being remodeled.  For $300 we brought home over 300 sq.ft. of narrow strip oak that is a close match to what we already have in the house.  We've been storing it in the kitchen for months Originally I had planned to use it in the kitchen, but I really just want to be finished with these bedrooms.  I laid out a few test pieces to determine that it lo…

Almost There

When I last posted about the back bedrooms we had hung drywall in the north bedroom
And patched the many, many holes in the south bedroom
After what seemed like an eternity we finally finished taping the sheetrock on Saturday
I get excited when we can finally texture and paint the walls.  It means I don't have to sand any more.  After sanding corners my shoulder sounds like a rock tumbler. I hate to admit it but we purchased our paint at Walmart.  The nearest Lowes is 65 miles away and the local paint stores are all closed by 6 pm.  I wanted to buy my paint from a store that would still be open if I still needed one gallon after running out at 9 pm (not that I've ever experienced such a thing first hand).  It was a good price and the quality wasn't bad. The color is "Two Doves" by Colorplace.  It's a grey-green shade that changes a lot depending on the light.  Last night it looked sage green under our incandescent lights but this morning it looks like a pa…

Year In Review

One year ago today we said goodbye to Washington and arrived at our "new" home in Montana.  We moved into a house with no water and no heat.

At times it seems like we have not made much progress but looking back we've:
Installed a radiant heating system
Installed all new electrical service and wiring Replaced burst copper pipes with all new plumbing and a tankless water heater Added stairs to our basement, making it a usable part of our house  Framed the basement walls Opened up the space between the living and dining room  Relocated the laundry from the dining room to the basement Gutted and rebuilt the basement bathroom Upgraded our insulation from R-7 to R-50  Rebuilt our dilapidated garage Installed a sprinkler system and started a lawn from seed Started rebuilding the back two bedrooms Replaced our front door and half our windows
In addition to the progress on the house we have also seen God provide for us in so many areas: A new job for me that allows me to carpool w…

Back Room Progress

After a week of guests and fighting sickness brought by our guests Luke and I are finally back to work on the back bedrooms.  Before his family arrived last week we were able to get the back two bedrooms framed in and most of the drywall hung.  We had to go with all new sheetrock in the north bedroom  While scraping the ceiling I also discovered all these wonderful holes.  We suspect someone used to lay in bed and throw a knife into the ceiling over and over again to see if it would stick.  There are hundreds of these knife-marks to fix. 

In the South bedroom we were able to keep the drywall on three of the walls and only had to hang new sheetrock on the new wall and closet.  
 I have a lot of holes to patch.
The old bedroom window was 5' wide but only 2' tall.

The new windows are still 5' wide but are now 3' tall which not only meets fire code but also lets in a lot more light.  We had to cut the sheetrock and framing to allow space for the new window. Please ign…

The (Almost) Finished Garage

I'm finally ready to post some before and after pictures of the garage even though it isn't quite done.  We finished with the structural and cosmetic work, but we still don't have our workbench or storage cabinets because they are currently installed in the kitchen.  We will be gutting the kitchen in a few months and then I can finally have my garage cabinets.  But even without the additional storage the garage is looking better and is more functional than it has ever been.  Just a reminder of what we had when we closed on the house a year ago:  And what it's looking like now The back has gone from this:
To This: 

The weather-beaten west side
 Looks more like a guest house than a garage
 And on the inside it's gone from this mess: To a fully finished interior: The color scheme isn't what I had envisioned.  We grabbed off-white paint by mistake and the green accent color was a $5 mistint from Lowes.  So the color scheme is a little more English cottage than ma…