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Finally, An Overhead Door

Three months ago we decided to replace our old garage door. When we first moved in I wanted to save this old wooden monstrosity.  It could have been sanded, repaired and repainted but it was going to take a lot of time and money.  The old door needed new plexiglass windows and we were going to have to buy a heavy-duty garage door opener to handle the weight of the wooden door.  It looked like we were going to have to spend $250 to use the wooden door and we would still be stuck with the old extension springs that can be dangerous.   After deciding to replace the door I spent the next two months trying to get a good price on a new door.  Home Depot had one that I tried to buy but they won't ship it to my address and won't ship to any stores in Montana.  They seem to do this a lot and I'm about ready to stop buying there.  But after two months I finally found a used door on Craigslist.   Added bonus, it's insulated It was 160 miles away but the price was right.  We bu…