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Kitchen Demo

The highly-anticipated day has finally arrived. Our kitchen is no more. Below are a few photos from the first time we saw the house. It was usable, but the terrible layout made cooking difficult and the whole room was extremely dated.

Our layout had two small L-shaped counters. Only one counter had electrical outlets.
Did I mention that between looking at the house and closing the previous owner let their dog pee all over the floors? Apparently some of the pee ended up on the coils under the fridge. Every time the fan came on the smell would blow through the whole house. We replaced the fridge within a month to get rid of the smell. When we started demo last week, our new fridge found a temporary home in the living room and the range moved to the garage where we plugged it into the welder outlet. Everything else has to go away for good.
Luke started by ripping out the soffits
then removing cabinets
The brown stains around the middle of the room are the adhesive for the Formica bac…