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Work Weekend - Basement Edition

First off, the title is wrong, it should be Work Weekend - Cellar Edition. Even though our lower level is concrete block we technically have a cellar because it cannot be accessed from the house. But the cellar will eventually have stairs to the dining room and will be a finished basement. For now our only access is through the back yard. The stairs are Lilliputain and carrying supplies down and debris up is challenging.
The cellar door faces the boiler and water heater.
We are amazed that this dryer vent did not cause a fire
And the previous owner had some interesting methods for plugging drain pipes.
The stairs to the dining room will go where the projector screen sits. We will build a utility room for the water heater and boiler but have not decided which side of the basement they will be on.
The other side of the basement has the bathroom and a lot of pipes that will be removed.
The pipes froze last winter and burst. The water caused a lot of mold.
We ripped out all the sheetrock a…

Work Weekend - Bathroom Edition

Our primary goal for the 4th of July weekend was to get the plumbing working. Call me fussy but I really want to be able to pee and shower when we move in next month. But both the bathrooms have serious issues. The cellar bathroom has only a shower and toilet.
The toilet bowl was cracked and the floor around it was dirty and moldy.
The shower did not have an actual surround or even waterproof panels. It was just painted white to look like a surround.
The shower must not have been used much. When I ripped out the sheetrock I found mold, but not as much as I expected.
We ended up gutting the bathroom along with the rest of the basement. We plan to rebuild it over the winter so we have a place to shower while we redo the upstairs bathroom.

The upstairs bathroom was closer to being functional, but there was plenty wrong with it. The whole floor flexed and felt spongy. When I started tearing up the floor I discovered five layers of bathroom flooring with mold growing between each layer. T…

Work Weekend

I come from a family of crazy people. Don't believe me? How else do you explain my brother, parents and grandparents volunteering to help on the house over the 4th of July weekend?
Our goal for the weekend was to get the house fit for human habitation. My standards are pretty low but Luke and I really wanted to get the bathroom working and the house clean before we move in this August.

Out trip got off to a rough start when we left Wenatchee at 3 am on Thursday. Luke wanted to get through Spokane by six am because of the construction. We arrived at the house early that afternoon and got the keys from the realtor. I had forgotten just how disgusting the house was. Not just dirty, filthy. My mom and grandma spent many hours scrubbing the floors
and walls and ceilings
My grandpa weed whacked and mowed the overgrown lawn
My brother has lost most of his sense of smell from years of doing auto body work. This proved to be a huge advantage when he removed the green shag pee-soaked …