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Siding Rework

Fall is here and winter is fast approaching, but the house is not painted yet.  There is still a lot of work to do before it's ready for paint, especially on the east side.  When we moved in the east side had a set of stairs with a side door into the dining room. 
 During the summer we removed the side porch and poured new concrete to expand the driveway.
 Because of our remodeling the side door opened over a set of stairs and had to go.  This weekend Luke removed the side door and framed up the opening while I pulled off the old siding between the windows and the door.

Once the door was properly walled off we added tar paper over the buffalo board to make it all a little more water-tight.
We only have a few places in town to buy building materials and neither one of them carries cedar bevel siding.  We re-used old siding from other parts of the house to cover the east side.  We have more seams and small pieces than I like but once everything is caulked it won't look so awkward.
Speaking of siding repairs we also addressed the front of the house where we installed a new, smaller window in our future master bathroom.

We had just enough siding to cover the empty spots.

Luke had to remove the buffalo board under the front window to patch the old doorway.  This left the front looking a little exposed to the elements (and tweakers).

We needed concrete board, and we needed it right away, so we had to pay the usurious prices the local stores charge.  It's $15 per sheet in town, $10 per sheet at Lowes but I didn't have time to drive an hour each way.
While we were working on siding Luke also fixed the back of the house where we removed the patio.
With all the siding patched I need get to work on caulking and hole repair.  There's a lot of work to be done.  I'm not sure I will be ready to paint next weekend.  We'll just have to see how it goes.


clammyblog said…
Wow! Good job of hiding with siding.
Mary said…
So how's the work as of now? Were you able to pull it off? It seems you need to do a lot of work for the winter. It can be a home's worst enemy, especially if your home isn't prepared and well-maintained. Oh well, I hope you have a great Christmas season! :)

Britten said…
We were able to get the house buttoned up before winter came. Now we're focusing on interior projects until the weather warms up. We'll be adding a back door and building a deck this spring.

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