Monday, September 03, 2012

Be Gone Ugly Window

The our living room faces north and doesn't get a lot of sun.  To make up for this someone installed a huge picture window.  This beast measures 8' wide, 4' tall and weighs over 400 lbs.  It's also filthy and no chemical we have tried has been able to remove the caked on grease and dirt. 
 We didn't want to change the window size, I already made the roman blinds, but we were ready for a newer style.  After a little debate we decided on a single unit with a picture window in the center and single-hung windows on either side.  We had the same setup at our house in Washington and really like the ventilation it provided.
We special ordered our window in July and a month later it was ready.  My family was in town to replace our roof and since the roof was finished ahead of schedule we tackled the window.  Removing this monstrosity took four men.

The window opening was larger than the new window so we had to re-frame the opening.

And set the new window into the space.
With six people working one one project we were able to get the window replaced in a little over an hour.  Even though it still needs to be trimmed out and the house is begging to be painted the exterior is looking so much better.

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