Our Current House

Our latest home reminds me of a comment from the Simpsons, "Who wants another bite of banality?" That pretty much sums up this 1978 ranch home.  It wasn't what we wanted for style, location, etc, but the price was right.
In Progress
The back of the house was as ugly as the front, maybe even a little worse
In Progress 
   Inside the house we had a perfectly average living room with baseboard heat and a wood stove because electric baseboards are exorbitantly expensive.
Dining Room Before -This was just a small space between the kitchen and living room
Dining Room After - It's still not a large space, but it's more clearly defined and has less traffic.  We replaced the chairs with stools to maximize the space.
Kitchen Before - So much ugliness packed into 72 sq ft
Kitchen After - Almost twice the space and much more functional
Bathroom Before - Kermit green is never an attractive color.
Bathroom After
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After
Guest bedroom
Guest Bedroom After
The basement was partially finished but we will have to tear down the drywall and start over with a better layout.  This is the "den" at the bottom of the stairs.
In Progress - The finish work was so bad we had to gut the basement and start over.
 Office Before
In Progress
Future bathroom
Laundry room
Storage room - Future Bedroom

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The Ely House said...

I really like the finishes you did on your third home- you are brave! These houses look like a lot of work!