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Making It Tolerable

The bathroom has been driving me crazy.  Since moving in we've had to replace a the running toilet, fix the shower that was leaking into the basement and unclog the tub drain.  I've been really tempted to just rip out the whole bathroom and start over, but currently it's our only bathroom and our plans for an addition make it impossible to build the basement bathroom just yet. So for now we're stuck with this bathroom but I just couldn't handle the green walls and ceiling any longer. I had some ceiling paint left over from the last house and I found a half-gallon for antique white paint in the basement for the walls.  I made a curtain out of a spare shower curtain from a previous house. Luke still doesn't like the color (anything but bright white looks dirty to him) but it's a huge improvement over the green.  Maybe I can live with this for another year if nothing else breaks. 1

Mom's Kitchen Makeover Part 2

Now that I've dealt with small problems like stripping wallpaper and light fixtures it's time to tackle the big issue...cabinets.  After reading several reviews we chose Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations.  The cabinet transformation system is not difficult to use, but it requires a lot of work.   All surfaces have to be scrubbed with degreaser followed by multiple coats of paint, glaze and sealer.  But in the end it was worthwhile.  Just take a look.

Kitchen Before
 Kitchen After
Kitchen Before
 Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After
The total cost of the project was about $400 and between myself and my dad we had about 100 hours of labor.  I would recommend this project to anyone, but would suggest not trying it until you have a week of vacation to use.  Fortunately I have yet to find a job so I've got lots of time for such things.

Mom's Kitchen Makeover - Part 1

Hello All,

I'm back.  The blog is up and running again and we've moved into our "new" house in Helena.  But I won't be posting about the house just yet.  Now that I am jobless I am taking a little time to work on some projects for my family.  First up is a kitchen mini-makeover for my mom.
My parent's home was once owned by a cabinet maker, resulting in a large kitchen with tons of storage that was the height of style in 1990.
The pickled oak finish was not holding up well.  I refinished the matching bathroom vanity several years ago and discovered that it is almost impossible to get rid of the finish in the deeper grains of the wood.  The wallpaper was peeling at the seams and along the bottoms of the wall.  And the massive light fixture matched the cabinets, but also made the large kitchen feel small and closed-in.
I used my trusty old steamer to strip the wallpaper.  Six hours later the walls were finally clean. My brother helped me remove the light fixtu…