Friday, August 10, 2012

Year In Review

One year ago today we said goodbye to Washington and arrived at our "new" home in Montana.  We moved into a house with no water and no heat.

At times it seems like we have not made much progress but looking back we've:
Installed a radiant heating system
  Installed all new electrical service and wiring
Replaced burst copper pipes with all new plumbing and a tankless water heater
 Framed the basement walls
 Relocated the laundry from the dining room to the basement
 Rebuilt our dilapidated garage
Started rebuilding the back two bedrooms
Replaced our front door and half our windows

In addition to the progress on the house we have also seen God provide for us in so many areas:
  • A new job for me that allows me to carpool with Luke and have weekends off
  • A second job for Luke that will pay for his thesis research
  • A "new" car when our Intrepid died unexpectedly
  • Interviews from prospective employers even though Luke is months away from graduation.
We are also so grateful for all the help we have received from family.  They have helped with cleaning, plumbing, our garage overhaul and have volunteered to help with our impending roof replacement.  Thank you guys.  I think we need to throw you an awesome "thank you" party when the house is finished.

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