Friday, February 24, 2012

Basement Bath Reveal

The blog has been quiet for a few weeks but Luke and I have been busy putting the finishing touches on the basement bathroom. Even though the bathroom is only 29 square feet it takes a lot of work to complete all the finish work. I've done my best with the before and after photos but since the door moved from the north wall to the east wall I can't match the angles. I recommend using the window as a point of reference.

Before - Old bathroom had barn style doorway on the north wall
After - The new bathroom door is on the east wall and faces the (future) family room.
Before - The old bathroom was primitive. It had only a toilet and a shower.
After - New pedestal sink, toilet and tile shower
Before - The shower walls were 1/4" sheetrock. Someone painted the walls white to make them like a real shower surround.
After - Larger shower, better lighting and the only sheetrock is on the ceiling
Before - Concrete shower pan
After - 2x2 slate tiles
Before - The linoleum had a mold problem.
After - New slate floor
Before - Anyone on our patio could see into the bathroom below (or they could if the window was not so filthy)
After - The glass block window still allows natural light into the room without compromising privacy
There was not enough room over the medicine cabinet for a light bar so we used mini-cans. We opted for a pedestal sink to keep the bathroom as open-feeling as possible.
This view from the shower might give you a better perspective on the size of the room. The entire bathroom only covers 29 sq. ft.
It's exciting to have a finished room. It's easier to convince guests that we don't live in squalor if I can demonstrate that the house is improving, albeit slowly.

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oh gross (talking about the before, not after)!