Monday, August 06, 2012

Back Room Progress

After a week of guests and fighting sickness brought by our guests Luke and I are finally back to work on the back bedrooms.  Before his family arrived last week we were able to get the back two bedrooms framed in and most of the drywall hung.  We had to go with all new sheetrock in the north bedroom 
While scraping the ceiling I also discovered all these wonderful holes.  We suspect someone used to lay in bed and throw a knife into the ceiling over and over again to see if it would stick.  There are hundreds of these knife-marks to fix. 
In the South bedroom we were able to keep the drywall on three of the walls and only had to hang new sheetrock on the new wall and closet.  

 I have a lot of holes to patch.

The old bedroom window was 5' wide but only 2' tall.

The new windows are still 5' wide but are now 3' tall which not only meets fire code but also lets in a lot more light.  We had to cut the sheetrock and framing to allow space for the new window.
Please ignore the clutter; we're using the patio for materials storage.  You can see the new window on the left and the old style window in Luke's office on the right.
I've been working on mud and tape by myself since Luke is sick.  It's slow going and there's a lot to be done.  We've got to tape all the new sheetrock and the old stuff needs a lot of work to patch around the windows, holes and damaged areas from the old baseboards.
I'm hoping to get the walls finished this week.  We'll see how motivated I am in the evenings.

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