Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Do you know what this means?
We have heat! Running the pex lines was labor intensive and exhausting, but not complicated. The pump and zone controls are a different story.Luke put a lot of time and effort into figuring out how this all should work together. The company we purchased our supplies from lied greatly exaggerated what was actually included in their bid. Not only did they forget to include several vital components, they did not provide any mechanical diagrams. Fortunately the hubby is an engineer currently getting his masters in water systems. He did a great job as evidenced by the house being warm.
If you are looking for a recommendation for a radiant heating company, the only thing I can say for Blue Ridge Company is that they offer free shipping. But if you want a complete system that will include both design and all the necessary equipment go with Radiantec.

Now that the heat is installed we could finally move our tools and supplies out of the basement.
I've already started cluttering the basement with supplies for our next project.

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