Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Has The Sprinkler System Done Any Good?

Last month we spent $600 and 60 hours installing a sprinkler system and seeding our lawn.  You might be wondering how it has been progressing since then.
7/12: Lawn seeded
The next day we spread straw over the yard to help the ground stay moist.  Watering restrictions allow us to water every other day and we did not want our fledgeling lawn to dry out.  But it rained for a week since planting the seed so at least it got a good start.
7/18 : The first seedlings are spotted and already 1/2" long
7/22 : Ten days after seeding the grass is already 2" tall is some places
The back yard is a little patchier than the front but still coming along nicely
 7/30 : Grass reaches 3" tall and can be mowed for the first time
The back yard is really looking good

And how does it look from across the street?
We're not done yet.  After a few mowings we will overseed to help fill in patchy areas.  And we're getting ready for some exterior improvements including new windows and a roof!

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