Monday, August 27, 2012

New Floors

Did you notice our horrible floors when I posted the pictures of our back bedrooms?
 The floors in this part of the house are 5/8" ply with 5/8" particle board on top.  The particle board is not structural and has been badly damaged by water and the PO's kids.  We will be removing the particle board, but the 5/8" plywood is too thin for subfloor and actually deflects a little under Luke's weight.  In order to strengthen the floor and help these rooms blend with the original part of the house we will be installing 3/4" oak floors.
We bought the flooring this spring from a 40's house in Missoula that was being remodeled.  For $300 we brought home over 300 sq.ft. of narrow strip oak that is a close match to what we already have in the house.  We've been storing it in the kitchen for months
Originally I had planned to use it in the kitchen, but I really just want to be finished with these bedrooms.  I laid out a few test pieces to determine that it looked fine with my freshly painted walls
Once Luke and I had agreed that we would be installing floors over the weekend we started pricing flooring nailer rentals and quickly discovered that we could buy a nailer for the cost of renting one for 3.5 days.  I bought one on Amazon and had it overnighted so we could start work right away.  While we were waiting we laid the tar paper.
Despite running errands and getting a slow start we were able to lay the entire disco room on Saturday.
And the pee room on Sunday
The floor color is a little lighter than we prefer but since it is pre-finished we will probably leave it alone.  In a few days my family will be here to help replace the roof so we've got to get the windows trimmed and put a door on the pee room.

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Reuben Collins said...

The floor looks great!