Monday, December 03, 2012

My New Project

Ten months ago something wonderful happened.  We finished the basement bathroom.  After six months in the house I could finally take a shower with my eyes open and touch the floors or walls without the urge to spray my skin with Lysol.
So for the last nine months our only bathroom has been in the basement.  We are currently living in the guest room which means that we have to walk to the opposite end of the house, go down a flight of stairs then back across to house again to reach the bathroom.  It's not bad as a short term solution but after nearly a year of this arrangement I'm ready to have a bathroom on the main floor of the house again.  After moving some walls this summer the main floor is framed for two bathrooms:
 A 48 sq ft master bath:

And a 38 sq ft main bath

I gutted the main bathroom over memorial day and Luke and I moved the plumbing wall.
 Ever since then it has been used as storage but now I am finally ready to do something with it.  The prep work has not been exciting or photogenic.  This was our lovely ceiling.  When the bathroom was "remodeled" during the 70's someone glued paneling to the sheetrock.  I tore down the paneling but it really made a mess of the sheetrock.
I put up a second layer of sheetrock to cover the old ceiling.  This allows me to have a mold-resistant ceiling that exceeds fire code.  It was the first time I've ever hung a ceiling alone and I did it without a panel lift.  It did not go smoothly but it worked.
 Getting the tub in was not fun.  A one piece unit is much more difficult to install than a tub and three piece surround, but since this will be the kid* bathroom we wanted something leakproof and easy to clean.
 *We don't have kids but since we have four bedrooms and live near a school we are assuming that future owners will have kids and try to plan our house accordingly.

Why does the new mold and mildew resistant sheetrock have to be the color of an oxygen-deprived smurf?  It's going to take a lot of primer to cover that blue. 

Now that the tub is finally in I can start work on taping and tile work.  I'm looking forward to getting this bathroom done so I can finally take a bath!

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