Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Main Bathroom Before and After

Last year my version of improving the bathroom was to go from this
 To this:
It was July of 2011, five weeks before we would move into our "new" home and I was happy with a new toilet and floor, as long as the bathroom was functional.  Now it's December of 2012 and function is no longer the goal.  Instead I want a nice bathroom that won't have people opting to use our back yard instead.  And after a month of working on the bathroom I think we've reached that point.  I love looking at before and after photos because it reminds me of just how far we have come:
Before:  We had five layers of flooring with mold growing between each layer and a massive hump in the floor.
After: A floor I'm not afraid to walk on barefoot

Before: The old vanity was covering in mold, dead mice and candle wax.  I won't even talk about that toilet.
 After:New vanity picked up at a yard sale

I was thrilled to realize that the paint color I used in the back bedrooms also worked in the bathroom.   Now that the bathroom is done I will be starting my next project.  I'll be posting pictures in the next few days.

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Reuben Collins said...

Oh god, I need to go barf after seeing those before pics.