Monday, December 10, 2012

Main Bathroom - Almost Done

The bathroom is really starting to come together.  I'm pretty good at visualizing what the finished product will look like but it's still fun to see it actually start to look like a finished room.  After painting the bathroom and hallway I put down thinset and hardibacker so I've got a sturdy base to tile over.
I also prepped all the tile.  I always shuffle my tile so any color variations between boxes are spread across the entire tiled surface.  In this case I had twice as much tile as I needed so I was able to cull the amber-toned tiles and use just the more neutral colors.  Tip - Plastic peanut butter jars are excellent for storing tile spacers.
The following evening the floor ready for tile.  I opted for a diamond pattern in the hopes it would visually elongate the small space.  Because the bathroom does not have a single 90 degree corner I arbitrarily decided the edge of the tub was straight and based my pattern off of it.  Five hours later I had a finished floor.
I'll be grouting tonight.  I'm not a fan of actually doing the grout work because it always leaves my hands blistered and peeling, but I love how it blends all the pieces of tile into a cohesive floor.  Since it makes the floor look so finished I won't be posting any more photos until the bathroom is done.  I'm a little behind schedule but it should be completed this weekend.

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