Friday, December 28, 2012

Master Bath - Part 1

I've been away from the blog for a while, but you can be sure that I'm still working on the master bathroom.  The wall between the bedroom and the master bath was an exterior wall until the addition was built about 30 years ago.  The shear bracing is in the way of our door location.
  We used a router and chisels to cut a channel for the new brace.
The new header was made from our old cellar stairs.  Waste not, want not.
I scraped off the glitter popcorn ceiling and screwed in the drywall.  The edge along the exterior wall turned out to be totally unsupported.  I also added a can light over the shower and a bath fan.

The addition was never plumbed so Luke and I had to add drains, a vent stack and supply lines for the new bathroom.  We spent Christmas morning putting in a sewer line and tying it into the existing plumbing.  We're just about done with the plumbing, all we need to do is connect the bath tub drains to the new sewer lines.
I removed the foil-faced R-11 from the exterior walls and used it for sound-proofing between the bathroom and bedrooms.  The exterior walls have been re-insulated with R-13.
The bathroom is now plumbed, wired and ready for real progress.  I'm always glad when this phase is over and I can feel like I'm making some real progress.  Tomorrow we'll install the bathtub and then I can start working on the walls.

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