Monday, January 09, 2012

We Finally Start A Fun Project

After spending the last five months working on plumbing, heat, electrical and insulation I am thrilled to be starting on our basement bathroom. It's not that there's anything wrong with our main bathroom...
Okay, there are many of things wrong with our main bathroom but we've been living with them for the past five months and can survive a while longer. But we can't finish the basement until we replace the drain lines. And we can't cut out the drain lines until we have another working bathroom. Up until now we have made very little bathroom progress. We started with this disgusting old bathroom in the basement
Demoed it
And framed in a new bathroom and laundry room.
We replaced the ancient tip-out window with a glass block window. Since the window looks onto the patio we thought at little privacy might be appreciated.Although the new bathroom is larger than the old one, it's still small, roughly 4'x9'. That's a tight space to fit a sink, toilet and shower into.The shower will be narrower than the rest of the bathroom to accommodate drain pipes and the vent for the dryer. The new shower is in a slightly different location than the old one which means the shower pan does not fit the space any longer.The first big step will be pouring the new shower pan. Then we can finish framing and get the new plumbing lines run. We both have a three day weekend coming up. I'll be posting as we make progress.

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