Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom Tile

It's finally time for tile! We hauled my tile saw downstairs on Saturday. The basement is unfinished so a little water shouldn't hurt anything.
I am paranoid about having my tile properly mixed. Nothing ruins a nice tile job like a distinct color change between boxes of tile. So all six boxes of tile were unpacked and "shuffled" so each stack contained pieces from every box.
Because I was trying to do all my tile work in one day I started with the walls, beginning with the second row and working my way up. For the shower walls we used a 6" ceramic tile that we found on clearance for $.11 each. It's not what I had planned on but for $.44 per sq. ft I can live with it.
This was as far as I got on Saturday night. Clearly I was optimistic to think I could tile the entire shower stall in one day. This is after five hours of shuffling, laying tile and making all the cuts myself. I called it a night at ten thirty.
On Sunday both Luke and I were sick with colds but I was still healthy enough to work on the shower.
The floor tile is just laid in place so I could make measurements and cuts. I plan to install it tonight as well as the bottom row of wall tile.

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