Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shower Pan

The first step toward finishing our basement bathroom is to pour the shower pan. The existing pan has a few issues. The cleanout is taller than the pan, the slope is incorrect and because the shower size has changed the pan is too small.
Our first step was to install the new shower curb. We used heavy duty concrete anchors and screwed it into the adjacent studs so it's rock solid. Luke mixed up some mortar to fill in the sides of the pan.
After allowing the first pour to cure we framed in the south and west shower walls. The blocking is to support the shower pan liner
With the walls in place we could roll out the heavy shower membrane and nail it at the top to keep it in place. 40 mil PVC is not easy to fold and staple but no water should even get through it.
We insulated the walls and put up vapor barrier. The 6 mil black plastic was leftover from insulating the crawlspaces which saved a few dollars but made the room even darker.
We hung half of the durock before knocking off for the night. All the lower pieces are on so we can pour the second layer of the shower pan tomorrow.
All this prep work can be tedious but we're getting closer to getting tile in and seeing some real progress.

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