Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bathroom Progress Continued

When we left off with the basement bathroom we had hung cement board in the shower and sheetrock on the walls. We've been working on the bathroom for a few hours every night finishing the sheetrock. I'll spare you pictures of the mud and tape process and skip straight to (almost) finished walls.

In a perfect world I would have painted the walls and ceilings last night. But in the real world I have to deal with mistakes. Some are mine, some I inherited from the previous owners and all have to be dealt with. In this case the mistake was mine. After getting primer on the walls I was not satisfied with one seam and some of my feathering. In the past we have gone ahead and textured the walls as is. And even though we are likely the only two people who ever noticed the imperfections they bugged both of us. So we're not making that mistake again. We abandoned painting plans and put another coat of mud on the offending areas. So this morning instead of starting to tile the shower we sanded, and textured and painted. It's frustrating, but a delay now is better than kicking myself every time I walk into the room.

The paint color is lighter than I had envisioned but at least I don't have to worry about the bathroom being too dark.

Luke tends to splash a lot on the shower and was concerned that our low ceiling would constantly be getting wet (at least until we build another upstairs bathroom). I painted the ceiling with an exterior white to give it as much protection as possible.

With the walls finished we'll be tiling (finally) and the bathroom will really start to take shape.

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