Monday, January 02, 2012

Attic Work

I haven't been posting much lately. But I've been so tired and dirty from working in the attic that I just have not felt like it. We are preparing to insulate but before we could start laying insulation we had to do a lot of prep work. First was ripping out the old wiring running all through the attic. We'll be hauling this and a bunch of copper piping to the recycling center. Then we had to fix the many holes in the ceiling. Our kitchen has a nine foot closet on one side. On far left is the old breaker panel tucked into a linen closet, the middle holds our attic access and a hole for an old chimney, and on the far right was a boxed in vent stack for the old boiler.
The ceiling joists had been cut over the closet and the joists were supported by the closet wall. But we intend to rip out the closet when we remodel the kitchen this summer so all the joists had to be sistered
And we cut a hole in the front hallway for a new attic access
We ripped the trim off the kitchen closet doorway to make a new frame to support the access door
The new access sticks out like a sore thumb.
Both the hallway and ceiling are painted pink. Once the ceiling is white it will blend in a little more. We spent most of a day making these changes but they will save us time when we get to the kitchen remodel. And thanks to our three day weekend we still had time to insulate the attic.

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