Monday, April 01, 2013

Warming Up

This weekend we continued what we started last week, the total destruction of our home demo of the kitchen.  We ripped down the remaining sheetrock on two walls and removed the kitchen closet and linen closet.
Since we already had the truck filled and were going to have to make a trip to the dump Luke decided we should gut the living room as well.  So we filled the utility trailer with drywall and insulation and made it to the dump before they closed for the day.
With the walls open we replaced some outlets before installing new insulation.  The old single layer balsam-wool batts only had an R value of 2 - 3.  We replaced it with R-13 so the house should have lower utility bills next winter.
the next day Luke walled up the old doors to the hallway and linen closet
Then he decided to install plumbing for the kitchen sink.  While he was in the crawlspace I worked on our lighting situation.  The old kitchen only had one working light, a chandelier in the middle of a 15x20 room.  After we gutted the kitchen I temporarily replaced the chandelier with a spare light fixture so Luke wouldn't hit his head.
I wanted to add can lights but I am very picky about having them perfectly aligned to I snapped a chalk line to keep them straight.
I usually dread cutting holes in the ceiling because it is dirty, exhausting work but last summer Luke and I bought a Rotozip at a garage sale.  It was the deluxe kit with a special adapter for cutting holes.  It made cutting the holes easy and fun.  I cut locations for six cans plus a light over the sink.
The rest of my day was spent in a hot attic, wiring in all the new lights and moving the chandelier location.  I got them all in, but was too tired to actually power them up and put in bulbs.  I still have a little more electrical work to do and will be getting our inspection later this week if all goes well.

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