Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Not Always A Clean Slate

We may have replaced all the drywall on the walls, but we're not starting with a clean slate.  We kept the original ceilings and they need some serious attention. 
The living room was already a mess because of the popcorn ceilings.  Then Luke collapsed the ceiling while working in the attic and left me with this hole to repair.
  I had to remove quite a bit of sheetrock and address some cracking that extended well beyond the hole.
After six coats of mud everything was looking pretty good.  I textured the ceiling and after a little primer and paint this patch is almost invisible.

 Patch #2 was in the kitchen.  We removed a chimney, several closets and the soffits over the laundry cabinets.
The finished product is much smoother and better lit.
Patch #3 was once a cabinet soffit over the kitchen counters.  There were several small pieces of drywall that had never been taped as well as holes for plumbing and electrical.
Nobody would ever guess the cabinets were there.
The walls are done also.  I painted them last night but couldn't get a good picture without daylight.  I'll try to post photo's tomorrow before we start work on the floors.

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