Friday, April 26, 2013

Look - We've Got Walls

It's been almost three weeks since we hung drywall in the living room, kitchen and hallway.  I finished the taping and texturing last week, but after wasting half of last weekend working on my truck and prepping the kitchen floor my walls remained unfinished.  So this week I finally  put on my respirator and started work on the walls.  I chose a neutral gray/beige that works well with our intended floor color.  If we were staying here I would choose something more dramatic but for the time being we are all about appealing to buyers.
So here is the product of a lot of work
Living room
Dining area
I was running low on paint so I didn't bother painting areas that will be covered by cabinets or crown molding.  This weekend we'll start installing the hardwood floors in the kitchen.  Hopefully this weekend will not be wasted working on the truck again.

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