Sunday, March 10, 2013

Laundry Room Floor

The laundry room floor has some problems.  The concrete was poured in small sections and each section was hand-finished.  In the laundry room this resulted in a hump down the middle of the floor and a deep bow between the hump and the outside wall.  The deepest part of the bow was 9/16".
I leveled the floor with mortar mix and after letting it set for two days Luke and I tiled the floor.
The tile is actually a little more gray than the picture shows but the white grout really make the color pop.
It's the first time we've used 18" tiles.  They're a little heavy when trying to lean over thinset to place them but they do install and grout quickly.  And the floor looks so much better than the uneven concrete.  Next up, cabinets.

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