Monday, March 04, 2013

48 Hours

48 hours ago my laundry room was ugly but functional.

Saturday morning we got up early and hung all the drywall in three hours.

Luke spent the afternoon snowboarding while I taped the corners.  Things went well so I was able to get a second coat on that night and another coat before church on Sunday.  All the heat from the hydronic wall really helped the room dry quickly.  The walls were sanded and textured by Sunday afternoon.
I debated taking the rest of the day off to relax and maybe watch a movie, but I'm not very good at relaxing so I decided to finish the walls instead.  The paint color is Tightrope by Olympic.  The laundry room has no natural lighting so I wanted a color that was light but still was dark enough to really contrast with white trim and cabinets.  
Because of the low ceilings the can light baffles created a spotlight effect over the counters.  At this point I am planning to install the counters and cabinets to see if the reflected light brightens the dark edges of the room.
The washing machine is just to heavy for me to move alone so I won't have any clean laundry until the floor is tiled and Luke is home to help me move it back into place.  Having to wear skirts to work all week will likely keep me very motivated to get this room finished.

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