Monday, March 25, 2013

Kitchen Demo

It's been another whirlwind weekend for us.  On Friday night we had a mostly-functional but very ugly kitchen.
We packed everything up and removed the countertops and cabinets.  I pre-sold the cabinets on Craigslist so we only had to store them for a day until the buyer could pick them up.  After ripping things apart we could see how very gross this kitchen really was.  There was a lot of mold growing under the kitchen backsplash.
And the walls had been painted a shade of pink that not even Barbie could love.

We had long suspected that the original kitchen had been on the left side of the space and the dining room had been on the right with a wall separating them.  Finding the original flooring proved our hypothesis correct.
 A major remodel in the late 70's or early 80's swapped the kitchen and dining room. This wasn't a great plan but wasn't half as bad as some of their other choices like hiding two junction boxes inside a wall or leaving wires spliced together without a junction box or even wire nuts.
But the biggest surprise was the old window.  Whoever did the 70's remodel boarded up the old window and installed a cheap window in a different location without moving the header.  The header only reaches halfway across the window!  The wall had sagged 1/2" but we were fortunate it did not cause more damage.
The header issue made the wall much more complicated than originally thought.  We spent several hours changing the framing and jacking up the wall before installing our patio door.  The header is now supported by double kings and double trimmers.
For the first time in six months we can go to the back yard or garage without having to go through the front door and around the house.  And the awkwardly placed window on the back of the house is gone.
 The patio doors look much more balance on the back of the house.  Eventually all the debris and wheelbarrows will be replaced by a deck and steps down to the existing patio.
I still have to remove the kitchen closet and tear down some drywall but we are almost finished with demo.  But I do have a little message for the people who did the kitchen remodel:  We used to give you the benefit of a doubt and attributed your mistakes to inexperience.  The header has made it abundantly clear that you just do shoddy work and have no business holding a hammer.  People like you give DIYer's a bad reputation.

On a cheerier note I would like to thank Joey, a total stranger who just came over to buy our old dishwasher and ended up helping up lift the new patio door into place.  You totally made our day!

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