Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Garage Windows - The Exciting Conclusion

I am pleased to report that our window saga has a happy ending.  The guy we got our windows from was very understanding when we explained our predicament.  He still had a half-dozen windows left and let us trade for a smaller one.  So we don't have to look at this forever.
It did not take long to install the second window
And the garage looks a lot more complete.  In fact, these windows don't look like they belong on a garage.  Our neighbors probably think we are converting it into an apartment.

We still have to trim them out with 5/4 board.  Maybe tomorrow.

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Rachel@hammeringourwayhome said...

We're have window drama, too- on the basement windows. Which turns out are so teeny that windows aren't made that size, d'oh. Think we're finding solution with glass block, but that cuts off any ventilation, which I don't like. Glad you guys are able to find ones to fit your garage though!