Monday, April 30, 2012

Garage - Windows and Doors

Last week I posted some photos of the newly painted garage.  I intentionally avoided showing any photos of the west side.
You can see that we cut the siding off the corners and put up 5/4 board instead.  It looks so nice and crisp against the grey paint, but the door and window frames are still an ugly, peeling brown.

The window frame is too large for the old tip-out window.  Whoever installed the window just kept adding trim pieces until it fit.
The underlying wood had some pretty serious rot issues.
Close up
A few weeks ago I traded an exterior door for a couple of used windows for the garage.  Luke has been too busy with school to help me install them so I went ahead and painted the garage without installing the new windows.  When you are doing a remodel in Montana you match your projects to the weather and don't worry about doing things in proper sequence.  But this weekend we were ready to rip out the old window and install the new one.  The old framing was a little scary.  Apparently there were trying to save the forest by not using headers.  We re-framed the opening for our new window size.  Sorry for the dark pictures.  This is the best I could do yesterday.
But when we set the window in place we realized something we should have noticed a long, long time before.  The windows are not sliders, they are double hung uprights.  We had just installed the windows sideways.  D'oh.
We could make the opening longer, but it was now too wide and we had already cut the siding back.  So we decided to install the windows side-by-side instead of one on each side of the garage.  We dismantled the wall and Luke supported the rafters with a temporary header.
We finished the framing at 7:30 and installed the first window without incident.  But when Luke lifted the the 2nd window into place our hearts sank.  The second window is 3" taller.They look identical so it never occurred to us that they could be different sizes.
So for the time being we have a big hole in the side of the garage and we've learned a valuable lesson about paying a lot more attention to our used purchases before we start cutting holes in buildings.


dynochick (Jan) said...

I really like the look of the two double hung windows hung next to one another.

Britten said...

Two would look great. One on the other hand...