Monday, May 21, 2012

Garage Work Continues

Replacing the garage roof made a huge difference in the interior of the garage. The new ceiling is nearly 9' tall and the 20 x 20 space feels larger without the posts and beams in the way, but the interior still has a long way to go.  We finally got around to insulating. Our walls are 2x4 but R19 insulation was on sale and cheaper than R13 so we opted for the thicker insulation.
On Friday night we bought sheetrock and hung the ceiling.  Luke managed to get half the ceiling hung before I even got home from work.

Of course all work was supervised by Loki.  She loves any excuse to climb a ladder.
The walls needed a little more planning than the ceiling.  Whoever built our garage used 8' studs with a single bottom plate and a double top plate so the wall height ended up being 8'4" after the ceiling sheetrock was hung.  After a little debate we hung the top row of sheetrock.  (A certain Malamute decided to lunge in front of the camera)
The we got out some of the 1x8 shiplap that had been on the old flat roof and ripped it down to 4" wide.
We ran the cut pieces all the way around the garage.  This will be a convenient place to put in hooks and nails for tools, extension cords and shovels.
And finally we could put in the lower row.
We still have a lot of tape and texture work to do over Memorial Day weekend but I'm very pleased with how things are progressing.  It's amazing how much more work gets done when I'm not working alone.

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