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Master Bedroom Finished

The master bedroom in our house has never been anything special.  In fact, the only reason the front bedroom was called the master is that it is slightly larger than the other bedroom.  Lacking a bathroom or any special features, there was nothing master-ish about it.
The room was long, but narrow, less than 10' wide.
The closet took up most of the limited wall space so there were few options for dresser placement.
 We replaced the casement window with single hung windows which brought a lot more natural light into the room.
 Last summer we began our first floor remodel and we finally made some real changes to the floor plan.  After gutting the bedroom I framed in a new walk-in closet for the bedroom and moved the adjoining coat closet to the hallway wall.
 The new layout shortened the bedroom by a few feet, but the new closet layout allowed more storage and wall space for the room.  However I neglected to take any more photos until after we finished the room, so let's jump forward to the finished product.  I've posted the before photos below so you won't have to scroll back and forth
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After - Still not large but the southern windows make it a bright and cheery space.
Before-The oversized log bed was just too big for the space.

After - We splurged and bought a maple bedroom set from Costco.
Before - No room for a dresser without blocking the closet

After - The new walk-in closet is separated from the bedroom by a pocket door and leaves plenty of room for a dresser.
We only have a one small dresser in the bedroom so I built a tower in the closet for additional storage.  It was my first solo attempt at actual cabinetry and I learned some valuable lessons about how not to build something.  Still, it looks okay and gives us a lot of space for clothing without taking up too much space.  Outlets with USB ports make this a convenient spot to charge our electronics.
Yes, that's a dog bed in the closet.  Rikka likes to sleep in our closet so we made room for her  orthopedic bed.
Obviously the master bedroom has its faults, but it works well for us and is so much better than what we started with.  I plan to eventually get some art on the walls but I've been saying that for six months so it's obviously a low priority.
By the way, if you thought the log bed was too big for our room, wait till you see it crammed into the guest bedroom.  The bedroom door just barely clears the foot board.


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