Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Living Room Before and After

The living room has been almost finished for quite a while now.  But the last few details like the crown molding and window frames just haven't seemed important compared to all the other unfinished projects.  But as we make our mad rush to get the house on the market we're finally taking care of these last few details.  So after just a few extra hours of work we finally have a room that looks nothing like what we started with two years ago.

The old living room seemed very isolated from the rest of the house.  It was connected to the dining room through the arched doorway.
We opened up the doorway to 9' wide and removed the side door.
The 70's remodel walled up a doorway into the hall and put this weird screen in it's place.  I guess the strategy was to get all the noise of the hallway without allowing convenient access.  Because of the poor patch job you could see the outline of the old doorway.
We reopened this doorway which not only connected the living room to the rest of the house, it also visually elongated the space.
In Process
It looks a little bare, but I'm a minimalist so it works for me.

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