Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kitchen Before & After

With all these recent posts about the rest of the house it might seem like I have forgotten about the kitchen.  In reality the kitchen has been on the back burner, but not forgotten.  We've been chipping away at it and all those little finishing touches are finally done.  So we're finally ready for a little before and after. 

Kitchen Before

 Kitchen After
(The oven is in the same spot, everything else changed)
 Dining Room Before
Dining Room After

 The old kitchen had a closet on the north wall and also housed the washer and dryer.
 We eliminated the closet and moved the laundry appliances to the basement to enlarge the kitchen.
 The old kitchen was open into the hall.

We moved the doorway into the living room and changed the kitchen layout to an L shape.

 We found the granite tile on clearance.  Because it was very similar in color to the cabinets we decided to use a backsplash tile with a lot of color to create a focal point

I'll be posting photos of the family room tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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