Monday, July 08, 2013

Master Bedroom Before & After

Now that we're trying to sell the house and move away it occured to me that I never posted finished photos of several rooms including the master suite.  I kept putting it off because we had a little trim and paint work to do, but everything is finished now and I had better post some pictures before it's too late.
When we first moved in to this house we named each of the four bedrooms to eliminate confusion.  We had the disco room, the pee room, the redrum (red room) and the spiderman room.  As you can probably see from the wallpaper border and paint colors the master bedroom was the spiderman room.
Old Bedroom

New Bedroom
Soft gray walls and a bigger window make the room much brighter, but because the room faces North is does not get a lot of sun.  To make the room seem brighter (and bigger) we splurged on mirrored closet doors.  Luke is enjoying having a mirror he doesn't have to duck to see himself in.
Old Closet
 New Closet
In addition to a nicer bedroom we also have easy access to the master bathroom.
Because of the warm weather we're not using the heated tile floor but I can only hope the next owners love it as much as our cat does.

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