Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Last Room in the House - The Family Room

We still have some work to do in the kitchen but carpet installation is on Thursday so I need get started on the family/media room.  So here's the story with the family room:
When we bought the house in 2011 the cellar could only be accessed through a set of exterior stairs.  The door on the right hand side of the photo led to those stairs
Because of all the mold and water damage we stripped the basement down to its block walls and concrete floor.  Then we added an interior staircase and framed the walls.
 The cellar also contained a partial bathroom (toilet and shower only) shown in the left corner
We gutted and rebuilt the bathroom and added a laundry room.
The future media room is in the middle of the basement, sandwiched between the stairs and the laundry and bathroom.  We framed the east wall with an alcove between two doors. Luke framed the alcove for a gas fireplace with shelves on either side and space for our tv on top.
This weekend we'll be hanging drywall and knocking out as much of the mud and tape as possible.  I need to have the walls done before the carpet is installed.  And we all know I wasn't under enough pressure so adding this to the mix will be really helpful.

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